Jun 11, 2013

WordStart on KayaFM with Stevie B: Our perpetual start-up journey

On 29 May, we were invited by KayaFM to talk about what we do and how we get the word started for brands. They had seen this feature on Entrepreneur Magazine.

Stevie B, the KayaFM host of KayaFM Bizz, asked our MD, Mongezi Mtati about:

  • Our marketing model and the overwhelmingly high costs for getting a startup out there.
  • Where we are going with the business and who we employ.
  • How make our money

The reality is, we see ourselves as a perpetual startup and with that, we don’t rest on what we know. We make decisions quickly and execute on them just as quickly. We don’t have a long queue of things waiting in our ‘To Do’ list.

Here are some quick ways to start the buzz about your business:

1. Share knowledge and build a platform

In his book APE (Author Publisher Entrepreneur), Guy Kawasaki talks about building a platform and shares insights from using Google+, Twitter, Facebook and niche platforms.

What are those niche platforms for your business? They can be industry and non-industry related.

Go share knowledge and add value.

2. Help your peers

We tend to overlook the people around us when we build a business, after all it requires single mindedness. Peer to peer word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can create and we specialize in making this connections. Start where you are.

Stevie B asked about our findings and insights in building a business. This is something South Africa and the world are is search of. It doesn’t have to be something as enormous as running a fund. Find a way to assist someone where you are.

Ready! Go!

3. Collaborate

We collaborate on certain projects and find that to add value in the business as a whole. It also enables us to market as a collective and reach people that our network doesn’t normally spread to.

About that interview on KayaFM in Johannesburg, please have a listen below and tell us what you think.